Volunteer Hour Ideas

Purchase gym equipment

Lunch helper

Recess duty

Grading/Teacher assistant

Cleaning- Just basic cleaning like vacuuming, wiping off desks, and dusting.

Copying papers – Help teachers and staff by making copies of anything they need.

Staff Help – Help staff with organization, filing etc

Hot Lunch Program

Field Trip Helpers


Purchasing Class/school needed items

Reading Group –helping kids in small groups with reading circle

Running Errands -Make runs to Costco, Cash & Carry to pick up supplies as needed.

Scrip -help picking up and collecting.

Teacher Assistant – grading work, cutting out projects, typing, etc. (Any teacher)

Every $18 dollar equals 1 hour of volunteer time

Volunteering Opt-Out Fee

Skopos philosophy of education requires parent involvement, and one parent from each family is expected to volunteer at the school for 30 hours a school year. In situations where work commitments, etc. make this impossible, we have an opt-out fee as a second-best option. The volunteering opt-out fee is $540 per year (payable in $18 an hour times how many hours not completed) If neither volunteering nor the opt-out fee is a viable option for your family, please contact us about a scholarship to cover the opt-out fee.


-Please turn your phone off or place on vibrate while you are volunteering.

– If you are helping in a classroom with your own child, please allow the teacher to be the one to correct your child if necessary.

– If you are grading student work, please remember that student grades and progress should be kept confidential.

– If you are monitoring recess, please be proactive to intervene if a dispute arises between students.

-Please remember to record your hours so your volunteer time can count.